Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight

I have to admit this was an impulse buy but I think it all worked out for the better. Like who needs another highlighter made from real 24k gold sheesh! I dont! Just kidding I love love love this product. I was impressed with the fact that its made with real 24k gold and that it delivers a light shimmer hmm just candlelight. Its good for any skin tone whether it be the fairest of the fair or dark like ebony. I have read some people only like to use this product on the as a highlighter but I beg the differ. Used lightly it can be used all over but be careful too much of this powder will just make you face look oily and that's not very cute. I also have Nars Albatross highlighter same gold concept but it has way more shimmer to it but I think I prefer this one because the shimmer is light and not to heavily pigmented.

A few more great things about this product is that is vitamin enriched so its good for your skin and you can also use it to set your foundation. Of course with everything that Too Faced cosmetics makes the packing is so cute. It comes in a cream and gold colored compact and the mirror on the inside states "Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous". You get a sponge applicator with it but its best to use this product with a kabuki brush if you have one. Applying it with the sponge applicator may coat it on and then you have that greasy oil slick look.

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