Tuesday, August 2, 2016

MAC Quite Cute Collection

The MAC Quite Cute collection launched on April 7th and the promos for this collection were just girltastic. Everyone wanted a piece of this collection. The colors looked so spring-like and bright. It just reminded me of jelly beans,  but when bloggers got a hold of some of these products before the launch they seemed disappointed. 

The collection included an eyeshadow quad named CUTiE, five lipsticks, three nail lacquers, three lip liners, three mineralize blushes and four plush glasses. All the shades in this collection were pastels, meaning baby pinks, peaches, lilac and pale greens. None the less it did not shy me away from the collection. I wanted those colors! I had watched numerous other bloggers do their review on the collection and I have to admit some colors did not impress me, but others -- I knew I could have so much fun with. 

Out of the collection I bought three things. I bought the CUTiE quad -- which I love -- it is not as pigmented as it could be (especially for MAC), but I knew I could work around it and not make the colors the focal point of the eye look. I bought the matte lipstick, Candy Yum-Yum, which is just divine. It screams girl! It is such a bright pink. I mean it’s neon -- it might as well glow in the dark. I own a lot pinks, but nothing like this. I had to have it. The last thing that I bought was the mineralize blush, Sakura. MAC was really on-point when it came to the marketing for this one. It has the whole package: good product, nice packaging and cute presentation. It’s a two-tone blush with a heart-shaped fuchsia center and a surrounding lavender area. 

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The plush glasses were not for me I’m afraid. Why? They’re lip plumpers and my lips are big enough. Genetics were on my side. LOL. Plus, they make your lips feels like they just had a collagen explosion. The nail polishes are gorgeous but they are easily duped. If you don't have anything like them in your collection I would recommend them. 

Some final thoughts on the collection. This collection is made for the fairer skinned girls out there. For someone that is a warm or darker skinned, this collection could be a challenge for you. If you don’t want to work hard at trying to make it work for you, then I would avoid it. I personally thought it was fun to make it work and I think it did in my opinion. Being a woman of color, I guess I have gotten used to working a little harder for a look that is not supposed to be for my skin tone. I think this collection had something for everyone. If you didn’t want to buy the make-up you could have gone for the nail lacquers and vice-versa. This collection is available at MACCosmetics.com, MAC stores, Dillards, and Nordstroms. Prices are ranging from $14.00 - $36.00 and PRO discount is available. 

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